The Vandals - The Quickening (LP)

The Vandals - The Quickening (LP)

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The Quickening is the fifth studio album from The Vandals. First released in 1996 by Nitro Records. 

The Quickening is as definitive as the Vandals get. Amidst the scabrous lyrics (such as the mock-cannibalistic "Hungry for You," which parodies the starving musician anthem in a rather unusual way) and the loud and fast punk attitude, the album is full of intriguing ideas and clever melodies. Part of that is due to the musicianship; drummer Josh Freese and bassist Joe Escalante are an especially astute rhythm section. Mostly, though, the band simply constructs some ingenious music melodies ("Hungry for You" is an homage to '60s garage rock) and overlays lyrics that tone down the gross out humor and silly goofiness of previous albums. The Quickening contains no shortage of silly humor, but tempers it with just the right amount of reflection, which guarantees its place as one of the best Vandals albums.

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1.Stop Smiling
2.It's a Fact
3.Marry Me
5.Tastes Like Chicken
6.(But Then) She Spoke
7.How (Did This Loser Get This Job?)
8.Hungry for You
9.Failure is the Best Revenge
10.Aging Orange
11.Canine Euthanasia
12.Moving Up
13.(I'll Make You) Love Me
14.Choosing Your Masters
15.I Believe


• Pressed on translucent green vinyl.