Marco Beltrami - Hellboy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Red LP)

Marco Beltrami - Hellboy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Red LP)

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The breakthrough film for Director/Writer, Guillermo Del Toro, who has reached even higher acclaim with The Hobbit, Pacific Rim, and the Best Picture winner at the 2018 Academy Awards, The Shape of Water.  The two Hellboy films grossed 250 million in theaters in the U.S. alone. The LP cover is created by legendary artist, Drew Struzan, which has never been used on a wide release in any format prior to this release.

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1.  Oct. 7th, 1944
2.  Meet Hellboy
3.  Main Title
4.  Snow Walkers 
5.  Liz Sherman
6.  Fireproof
7.  Rooftop Tango
8.  Wake Up Dead
9.  Evil Doers
10.  Kroenen’s Lied
11.  Father’s Funeral
12.  Alley Fight
13.  Nazis
14.  Investigating Liz
15.  Abe Sapien
16.  Mechanical Mausoleum
17.  Soul Sucker
18.  Stand By Your Man
19.  Hellboy & Liz
20.  B.P.R.D.

        • Pressed on red vinyl.