Filter - The Sun Comes Out Tonight (CD)

Filter - The Sun Comes Out Tonight (CD)

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The Sun Comes Out Tonight is the sixth studio album by American industrial rock band Filter. Originally announced as Gurney and the Burning Books and intended for independent release in mid-2012, the band would later sign to major record label Wind-up Records, leading to them to delay and rename the release. 

The album was generally well received. Allmusic praised the album's high production values, and labeled it as "the most satisfying latter-day album this group has yet made."

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1.We Hate It When You Get What You Want
2.What Do You Say
4.Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight
5.It’s Got To Be Right Now
6.This Finger’s For You
7.Self Inflicted
8.First You Break It
9.Burn It
10.Take That Knife Out Of My Back
11.It’s My Time
12.It’s Just You