Secrets-of-affiliatemarketing Pint Glasses (Set of 2)

Secrets-of-affiliatemarketing Pint Glasses (Set of 2)

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You’re here, so we know you’ve got sophisticated tastes: Score the ideal pint glasses for pairing your favorite craft beverage with your listening experience. A punchy IPA complements Coltrane’s calculated dissonance impeccably. Tart red ales enhance the funky notes in Isaac Hayes’ soulful serenades. And try a crisp, no-nonsense lager with Creedence’s rootsy swamp rock for an all-American accompaniment. Whatever the brew, cold beer and hot grooves are always the perfect match. Pour your drink, drop the needle and prepare for an elevated experience. See Care Instructions. 

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Care Instructions

Treat these glasses as carefully as you do your vinyl. To keep them in pristine condition, wash by hand using a gentle bottle brush. Avoid detergent residue by rinsing thoroughly in clean water.