Country Joe & The Fish - Electric Music For The Mind And Body (LP)

Country Joe & The Fish - Electric Music For The Mind And Body (LP)

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A true talisman of the '60s Bay Area scene, this debut 1967 LP packed in one head-expanding psych classic after another. 

Given their origins, both geographically (San Francisco) and stylistically (founder Joe McDonald and lead guitarist Barry Melton first hooked up in a jug band), it wasn't surprising that the ragtag Fish sounded like an acid-soaked, plugged-in folk band when they debuted in '67. Simultaneously the most political and funniest of all the Northern California bands, the Fish's yippie-hippie philosophy was reflected in songs like "Superbird" (about Lyndon Johnson), "Flying High" (about getting you-know-what), and the bluesy free love saga, "Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine." That they could periodically wax serious as well (the wide-angled instrumental "Section Forty Three" and the moody "Bass Strings") only added more bite to their satiric pungency. --Billy Altman

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Side A

1. Flying High
2. Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
3. Death Sound
4. Porpoise Mouth
5. Section 43

Side B

1. Super Bird
2. Sad and Lonely Times
3. Love
4. Bass Strings
5. The Masked Marauder
6. Grace


• Features 180-gram vinyl cut at Ardent studios on the original Stax lathe and pressed in Memphis at Memphis Record Pressing. 

• Old-school style tip-on jacket with printed inner sleeve featuring new liner notes by Rob Bowman, Grammy® Award winning author of Soulsville U.S.A.: The Story of Stax Records.